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Why isn’t Santa able to ejaculate?

His balls are hanging in the tree.

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Regular Santa: β€œHo, ho, ho!”

Gay Santa: β€œHaaaayyy, haaaayyy, haaayyy!”

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After all these years, how do Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus keep the marriage fresh?


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What does Santa Claus have in common with a teenage boy?

They both empty their sacks into socks while the family is asleep.

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Why is Santa so damn jolly?

Because he knows where all the naughty women live.

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One day, a little boy wrote to Santa Claus, β€œPlease send me a sister.”

Santa Claus wrote him back, β€œOK, send me your mother.”

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A poor man meets a rich man at Christmas.

The poor man asks the rich man, β€œWhat are you getting your wife this Christmas?”

The rich man replies, β€œDiamond earrings and a Mercedes.”

The poor man asks, β€œWhy are you getting her two gifts?”

The rich man says, β€œWell, if she doesn’t like the earrings, then she can drive to the store and exchange them.”

The poor man nods.

Then the rich man asks him, β€œSo what are you getting your wife this year?”

The poor man thinks about it for a second and replies, β€œA pair of slippers and a dildo.”

The rich man asks, β€œWhy those two things?”

The poor man astutely responds, β€œThis way, if she doesn’t like the slippers, she can go fuck herself.”

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I was so poor as a child that

If I didn’t wake up with a hard on Christmas Day, I didn’t have anything to play with.

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Three guys decide to stop for a drink after work on Christmas Eve.

One thing leads to another, and they end up barhopping all night.

While going to one last place, they get in a terrible accident and all three are killed.

They find themselves standing in front of the Pearly Gates.

St. Peter tells them, β€œBoys, you’re in luck. Since it’s Christmas, we have a special policy. Show me anything that shows that you’re celebrating the day, and you get into Heaven.”

One guy pulls out his lighter and flicks it, β€œChristmas candle!”

St. Peter: β€œOK, it’s a stretch, but you’re in.”

The second guy pulls out his keys and jingles them, β€œChristmas bells!”

St. Peter: β€œWhatever, you’re in.”

The third guy pulls a pair of women’s panties out of his pocket.

St. Peter says, β€œHold up. I’m willing to stretch a point today, but what do panties have to do with Christmas?”

Guy: β€œThey’re Carol’s.”

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Remember, Christmas isn’t about how big the tree is, or what’s under it.

It’s about who’s around it.

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Why does Mrs. Claus call her lap the chimney?

So Santa will go down.

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How does Mrs. Claus make Santa feel better after a long night carrying so many heavy gifts?

She empties his sack.

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What’s more fun than a kiss under the mistletoe?

Unwrapping a package under the Christmas tree.

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Why does Santa’s crotch make noise when he walks?

He has jingle balls.

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Why does Mrs. Claus always pray for a white Christmas?

Because she’s married to a guy who comes once a year.

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Why do elves laugh when they run?

Because the snow tickles their balls.

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How does Santa practice safe sex?

He always wraps his package before shoving it down the chimney.

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A wife walked in on her husband putting on a condom.

β€œWhat are you doing?” she asked.

He replied, β€œWrapping your Christmas present!”

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What do you call a sex toy on a Christmas tree?

A dickoration.

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What does a man who had a vasectomy have in common with a Christmas tree?

Their balls are both decorative.

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Why does Santa always have a full sack?

Because he only comes once a year!

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Why does Santa always land on your roof?

Because he likes it on top.

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What did Santa sing when he went down the chimney?

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

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What do you get when you jingle Santa’s balls?

A white Christmas!

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